Back in 2010, I added a section to the Inspired Practice (my OG business) website called 10 Things I Want You to Know About Me. Instead of a boiler plate bio, I thought it would be a great way to shine light on the person behind the business so that prospective clients and collaborators could gain insight into who I truly am.

Now that I have added a new role to the many I already play in life, I was inspired to write a personal post with little known facts and perspectives for an even more important audience – my kids.

My darling children,

Now that you are here, we spend our days growing together as mama and babies – learning about one another and how to thrive in this new NORMAL. Being a mom is one very important part of who I now am but I wanted to find a way to communicate other non-mom related things about myself. The kind of stuff that has evolved over the last 35+ years of life and that contribute to my substance and character. So I created this list of 21 things I want you to know about me.

  1. I am an innovator, facilitator, coach, creator, mountain climber, world builder, dog lover, people hugger, prairie girl, daughter, sister, wife and mother.
  2. My greatest ambition in life is to laugh. Any day that someone makes me laugh is an awesome one. Any day that I can make you laugh will be an extraordinary one.
  3. As a young person, I never imagined being married but I always knew that I would be a mother. Your very presence is proof of that.
  4. I developed a passion for running late in life. I was always the kid huffing and puffing during school fitness tests. I never seemed to have enough physical energy for long-distance running. (Yes we were actually tested on how well we could keep pace. Talk about a dumb way to get any kid interested in physical activity. But I digress…)  The truth is that it had nothing to do with my physical ability and was entirely a mental challenge I had to overcome. In a way, my age and life experience allowed me to return to a beginner’s mind and grow into new passions. Now that you are here, I am so excited to embrace the “newness” in everything again.
  5. I don’t subscribe to any one religion but I know that I am a child of God. I know from personal experience that prayer and meditation bring me great comfort because it helps me to ask the questions and find the answers from within.
  6. I am hardest on myself so I often struggle to find value in a critic’s words. This is especially the case when those sitting on the sidelines comment on my actions in the arena. Teddy Roosevelt said: ” It’s not the critic who counts…. It is the [one] who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” I couldn’t agree more.
  7. You will never find me leaving the house in my pajamas – no matter the occasion. I draw the line at wearing sleepwear in public. To that end, if we ever head to the grocery store and I’m in my pajamas, something has gone very wrong.
  8. I am a citizen of the world but Canada is my home. I love embarking on travel adventures but I always feel so grateful when I return home.
  9. I have a photographic memory and I am a visual learner. I think this is why I never struggled with spelling. (Except while pregnant with you.)
  10. I don’t see arguments or disagreement as a negative. Instead they are opportunities to learn because they test your ability to become a better person. I hope to teach you how to deal with disagreement instead of fleeing from it.
  11. I am a mutant but I don’t mind. Apparently my ear drums are located closer to the surface of my ear than the average person and I also have an extra tiny bone in my right foot that most people do not.
  12. Secretly I have always wanted to be a jazz singer. I don’t have the chops for it but I still appreciate the music.
  13. As a kid, my independent play was 90% make believe and included a range of imaginary people. I was always teaching, pitching, advocating for, or advising someone. Not much has changed except for the fact that these characters are now real.
  14. If I like a movie (or classic 90s sitcom episode), I will watch it again and again. If I laughed the first time, I will continue to laugh every time I watch it. That I have seen it before does not diminish my enjoyment.
  15. A clean and tidy space goes a long way towards making me happy. So does a thoughtfully-cooked meal. Gestures of this kind may seem unglamorous but I view them as generous acts of love, respect and time.
  16. I consider myself to be a very resourceful person. And because of that, my biggest pet peeve is when people ask me for information or the whereabouts of a possession before investigating for themselves.
  17. There is little work I do or have done that does not fulfill a key personal and professional value of mine – whether that value is in generating social impact or achieving financial independence.
  18. I have only ever dyed my whole head of hair once. I decided I would give it a try then realized that I actually like my natural hair colour. I have found that when you appreciate what you have been given, you embrace the beauty in it. There is no cosmetic or aesthetic improvement available that can make me feel more whole than I am. I pray that you will feel this way too because, to me, you are already the most beautiful people ever created.
  19. I am proudly non-partisan. I respect those who have political affiliations but do not choose this for myself. I believe that political beliefs are not a package deal. I always vote for a person and not a party. I have actively and passively supported leaders within nearly all of the major parties on the basis that I believed in what they could offer my community. As a result, I feel liberated instead of resigned by my choices.
  20. Being driven by recognition has always taken a back-seat to being driven by results. Although I wouldn’t consider myself particularly modest, I have often found that those who are very good at “doing”, have little time to do a lot of “bragging”. Tuck that bit of wisdom in the back of your mind. It will help you to more accurately see others and the true value of their contributions.
  21. I am not perfect. No matter what you may think or how it may seem, I am not nor have I ever been perfect. I will make plenty of mistakes in life and with you. I guarantee it. I have learned (and I hope you will too) that mistakes are just stepping stones to better future outcomes.

With love always,

(from the PERSON you know as)