I formally established this little-company-that-could in 2007 with the attitude of an optimist, the tools of a realist and a little bit of savings in my bank account. I set out to marry my social values with my uncontained ambition and have been blissfully building a better world ever since.

Having benefited from informal coaches and teachers along the way, I am committed to supporting aspiring and evolving entrepreneurs from all walks of life as they translate their talent, energy and ingenuity into real and lasting impact.

Since 2010, I have been privileged to work with 200 budding innovators from 40 countries and trained 200 others in New York, Washington, DC, Toronto and Dubai on the building blocks of venture development.

Whether you are a not-for-profit, a sole-proprietor or commercial entity, I pride myself on ensuring my clients are equipped with the tools to build sustainable enterprises.

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OneDay Revolution

I created this package for you – the results-junkie – who can benefit from a one-day revolution to super charge your enterprise and begin executing intelligent strategy toward achievable goals.

Here’s how it works:

o We begin with a 2-hour strategic session. This session is customized for you and will help you to identify priorities in developing or growing a sustainable initiative and then put together a plan of action.

o Then we take a 2-hour break to work independently on action items that surfaced during our starter session. During this time you will be tasked with some research, writing and brainstorming based on the outcomes of the starter session. I will work to create a strategy that can address your priorities and needs, identifying members of my professional and personal networks that you can engage with and recommend resources or opportunities that I feel will align with your goals.

o We will spend another 2-hours together in a wrap-up session. I will provide an idea harvest from our starter session organized strategically based on the needs that have surfaced, and share up to 5 meaningful recommended next steps.

o Then you go forth and prosper. For the next two weeks following your One-Day Revolution, you have UNLIMITED access to me via email for feedback, support and questions.

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Master Risk-Taking Coaching

This offering is for you – the master risk-taker – who is looking for ongoing engagement and coaching support in shorter time-frames to mesh with your expanding schedule.

Prior to our time together, you decide if we will work together for one, two or three months.

o We will work together for two 30-minute sessions per month. These sessions are customized for you and will help you to identify priorities in achieving your social business goals. By the end of our 30 minutes together, you will be offered up to 3 meaningful recommended next steps you can use.

o Following each session, I will provide a mini-idea harvest. This will be organized strategically based on the needs that surfaced and were discussed.

o Then you go forth and prosper. For the entire time we work together (i.e. one, two or three months), we will check-in weekly via email to ensure you receive valuable feedback and support.

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